Home waters

  1. 30/6/11: A fiery end to the season
  2. Last outing of the season
  3. Strike! - pic courtesy of Stu
  4. Nice fish on - pic courtesy of Stu
  5. Springcreek rainbow - courtesy of my mate Stu
  6. Ol' spotty
  7. 4lb hen at the usual spot.
  8. Deep pool
  9. Nymphing to sighted fish
  10. 3lb jack. Only one pectoral fin on this fish but in great early-season condition nonetheless.
  11. "There's a few in the middle Mike, try a dry."
  12. Kane with a late season rainbow from a spring creek
  13. Mike with a nice brown.
  14. Late season King Country
  15. It's going to be a good day
  16. Just off the lip mate, no 2 feet further up.
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