Trout Travels

  1. Nice hen on a dry. She took so gently then all hell broke loose!
  2. Brownie from a fast run.
  3. A stream, somewhere......
  4. Browns do like gold beads.
  5. Home
  6. Slow pool = picky fish. Not...
  7. Chunky fighting rainbow
  8. North Island Backcountry
  9. Captured after a merry dance down the rapid
  10. There must be a fish in this wee gem of a pool
  11. Yes, there he is.
  12. Small North Island stream
  13. 5lb rainbow on the nymph
  14. Rare blue ducks
  15. 4lb rainbow, tiny stream, dry fly. 
Life is good!
  16. Midsummer dry-fly taker
  17. Dad with a small stream rainbow
  18. Early morning.
  19. behind the white rock, I said!
  20. Brown on the dry in skinny water.
  21. Dam, these 'bows are fat.
  22. The hut - shearer's quarters on the riverbank. One of my favourite places on earth.
  23. Dad's pretty happy
  24. Tongariro in winter
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