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  1. Leader setup for czech and upstream nymphing
  2. Down Stream Fishing for Yellows
  3. Yellow fish techniques
  4. certain colours for certain area's?
  5. Dropper fly setup
  6. Winter Yellows
  7. So many brassies - so little time
  8. The fly that so far has caught me the most SM Yellows is:
  9. My secret fly that has caught me the most SM Yellows is:
  10. Czech nymphing course
  11. Sinking Lines for Sterkies?
  12. nymphing, trolling or long line?
  13. Old Man's Beard ( Rock Snot )
  14. Early Season Advice
  15. What sets good Czech nymphers aside?
  16. Best Rig for Vaal Yellows
  17. Sporting Ethics in Yellow Fly Fishing - 7X Tippet?
  18. Advice on fishing in clouded conditions
  19. Rig Setups..
  20. How to build a dropper rig for yellow fish
  21. Techniques
  22. CZN basics
  23. Czn Set Up Or Not???
  24. Strike indicators
  25. To split or not to split
  26. Landing Yellows
  27. NZ style rig and an Improved way of nymphing
  28. Yellows in the winter
  29. Winter Stillwater yellowfishing
  30. Improving nymphs and nymphing
  31. Rock Snot, How to Fish These Conditions
  32. Tactics & Flies for this Year's Early Season
  33. Getting the flies down
  34. Dry
  35. Summer Tactics
  36. Coincidence or Trend ?
  37. Leader Setup for SM
  38. Woolly Buggers for SM
  39. Indicators & Rigs
  40. Largest smallmouth yellow caught?
  41. Landing Yellows in the rapids
  42. Help with Yellows Rig
  43. Mono Nymphing!
  44. Early winter Vaal tactics
  45. Solution for tying thin tippets knots
  46. Get the fish on the reel.
  47. French Nymphing ~ Improved system!
  48. Dry fly sinking
  49. SM winter nymphing
  50. What's your biggest SM Yellowfish
  51. Clearwater yellowfish
  52. Spanish Nymphing rig (15ft)
  53. Changing flies (or countering "dip n donner" syndrome)
  54. Sight of fish in the Vaal
  55. Your best time to fish
  56. Fishing an emerger on the river
  57. Yellowfish feeding in mid water column.
  58. SM Yellows and snapping tippets
  59. Fishing in murky waters - flies, technique etc
  60. Indicator fishing or nymphing what is better ? Pole!
  61. dyed mono indicators
  62. 5 Flies for Sterkfontein
  63. Swinging for Yellows
  64. Streamers for Smallmouth
  65. Modified NZ sliding rig up for testing and opinion
  66. A list of dry flies for the Vaal
  67. Hooks coming loose and controlling SM yellows.
  68. Interesting observation over two weeks
  69. active dry flies for yellows
  70. small mouth lips
  71. Dropshot nymphing
  72. Are u ready for the smallmouth season?