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15-09-16, 06:47 AM
Morning guys
I bought a Pentz Predaator with 9 weight intermediate loaded on it.
The core is mono.

The line has a lot of memory, is there a way to straighten or relax the line?
Would stretching it help?


16-09-16, 10:24 PM
I cant see why not. Just don't break it, and don't blame me.
The newer lines say tropical plus which seems like a general line for warmer water.
This you could simulate in a tub to soften it just don't go to hot. You can then stretch piece for piece as long as your arms can reach.
I see they use the word crystal on the website and could not clearly see the material off which the line is made off.
I've seen guys tying their line to a tree and then walk back 30m to stretch the full line.
I would then also store it in bigger loops and not on the reel as this seems to be a problem for been to long stored without use.
The best idea I seen here was from Korrie who recommend hanging the line from a building with a light weight at the bottom so it can unwind as well.

17-09-16, 06:56 AM
Thanks Glans
Some good advise there.
I live in Knysna, we don not have buildings tall enough to hang it from, ha ha. Will give the ideas a go.

white death
17-09-16, 09:33 AM
Our weather is still cold so tropical lines will stay extra stiff until the weather warms up as well as the waters temps. You probably need water temps of 22 degrees before the line mellows.