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  1. It's ALIVE!
  2. You don't **** with Chris Williams!
  3. Poeth! Going to attempt to fish Golden Harvest from around 3-5 this afternoon, give me a ring if you are up to joining me
  4. hi Chris. As long as the shape is right she should be able to draw it from there and I can tell her the colours. I'm going to owe you several LARGE drinks for this, I really appreciate it. Enjoy your Vaaling this weekend, I'm going to be at the Wanderers tomorrow and the tat on Sunday. Hopefully its healed up well enough by next weekend for me to go fishing
  5. I'm trying to dye some mallard feather royal blue... I 've got the exact shape and recipe for the fly but blue mallard is simply impossible to get. My only other option is to use a white goose feather and Koki it royal blue.

    I've got two missions here. One, to get you the exact shape and colouring for your work of body art. In which case if we can give your tat artist the shape and tell him the exact colours, he can work off that. The other is to make an exact replica using the exact materials for you to 'mount' on your wall. I'll send you over a more detailed message later. Can u PM me your e-mail address - I think you gave it to me at the meeting, but that piece of paper's in my office

    Cheers Chris

    PS we may go Vaaling above the Barrage tomorrow or Sunday morning - will let u know if we see a good opportunity
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