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  1. Sorry bud.Had some urgent issues back home so I only stayed 3 days in P.e.instead of a week.One I lay in the sun because the weather was perfect,the other day I fished for a short while and day 3 I entertained family.I forgot to take down numbers and therefore did not contact anyone.I will be there soon and will surely like to hook up with you guys.Would like to try some of the dams for trout this winter in the hogsback/queenstown area.Will chat.Once again I apologise for the lack of contact.
  2. Never kept in contact!! Why??
  3. I was wondering if there would be good fishing from the rocks around blue horizon and seaview.I have seen some nice gullies there that look like they could hold fish
  4. I am leaving tomorrow.I thought i would fish friday,weather pending,otherwise saturday.Not sure of the tides so I dont know what time yet.Look out for a black Nissan X-trail.
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