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  1. SO are you coming with next weekend for some Bass and a trial test on the Vaal?
  2. How are you doing Dude.
    Was keen to get out and do some fishing soon.
    Busy this weekend but maybe at a later stage.

    You got to come and check out this lodge in Villiers with me some time.

    Great fun

    Oh well young man

    Chat soon
  3. Hi there Buddy

    Looking for you yesterday for some fishing

    Found a new spot near Villiers that has some real nice Bass water (witha few busses) and 5km of the vaal with slow water and about 100m of rapids (once the water is better). I am keen to go out ther again soon.
    What you think?
  4. Hi Buddy

    What is up?

    I keep trying to phone but you never answer.

    Want to go fishing?

    Drop me a line
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