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  1. Gary, see my post in the W Cape feedback thread.
    haven't caught them in the smalblaar before and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised to catch 'him' there. caught in the tail of alittle eddy pool right in front of a rock and next toabeaut of apool full of bubbling water.
    haven't a clue how they got there but glad they're there. interested to see who the first will be to post a Smalblaar Slam with a bow, abrownie and abass on dry
  2. "fished SB1 today. caught lots of smallish stuff and 1 8ins brownie"

    Now I know of no one who has caught a confirmed brown trout out of the Elandspad/Smalblaar - do you have a photo?
    Have you caught them before in that river?
    How do you think it got there?


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