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  1. Thanks Steven,
    I hear their are some large leeries coming out of the Breede. What did you hear?
  2. Hi Niel....sorry for late also still getting used to the new site...all the reports etc are still available you just have to search for takes a while to get used to it but seems to be working ok....see u on the water
  3. Hi Steven,
    Ok so perhaps I am a bit mis-informed/late, but it appears there this a new Flytalk website? Will the old one close and what will happen to the fishing reports as I cannot seen it on the new site? Help!
  4. Stephen,
    I also hooked into some big spotted gulley sharks recently at Blakes while trying for leeries. I landed 1 of the 3 (the first I hooked on my #7 rod). Unfortunately the one I landed was foul hooked. Tagged and released it - 53 lb. What I am trying to found out is if anybody has found a way of catching them on fly without foul-hooking them? So far I have only done that once.
    Have a great festive season
    Niel Malan
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