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  1. Doing well Jules. Not getting much fishing done though. Was on the Elands on Sunday with TOF and Mario, 3 x blanks.
    How's things with you?
  2. the hell are ya mate? I was thinking of those days at the TFTG, enjoyed attending those meetings...
  3. Very, very nice man! I need to get out and fish more. Fished like maybe 6 or 7 times this year and have probably forgotten how to tie a fly.
    Got a 'berg trip coming up in September so will have to start tying a bit for that.
  4. Yeah...the fishing here has been great...have done some small stream fishing which was awesome, fished Lakies the other day as well, what a venue. On the "bessing" front, wow, bassing heaven boet...
  5. Ja, sad story man. I still believe that the best way to keep a secret spot secret is to be completely selfish about it and not tell ANYONE.

    How's the fishing been down in CT? You been chasing the bess?
  6. and to think it was a nice well kept secret...then coords were posted and the rest is history
  7. last time was probably April. We bled. That place is getting fished way more nowdays than what it was a few years ago
  8. When last you fish the Waterval?
  9. Thanks man. It's all good hey. I actually think that I dodged a bullet there to be honest
  10. Oh no! Sorry man, I did not know that boet....all ok?
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