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  1. Hi Chris. I will be staying in Hobart as from 26 Oct - 4 Nov. So I presume a fishing radius of 100km or so concerning rivers and lakes would be most helpful. Rods being 3, 5,7 weight should be okay or not? I have reviewed most rules and regulations, permits etc. Any restriction on wading boots? Most waters seem to be public so no problem accessing them? Permission needed to gain private water or crossing of private water? If so, I need to obtain permission from the owner? Anthying else of important I need to know right now? More question could follow as time draws nearer. Thanks a mil so far. Regards Roy
  2. Hi Jacs, yes no probs, I'm actually going back to Melbourne for two weeks in a month. Let me know exactly where you're going in Tassie as it's quite a big place and you have the northern and southern rivers and also the magic central lakes. I usually advise our national teams when they go over there - which doesn't mean much!!! Best, Chris
  3. Hi Chris. I have been refered to you re fishing in Tasmania. If so, could you provide any advice and recommend some great rivers. I am off to Hobart for about 2 weeks in Oct 12Any assistance will be appreciated. Regards, Roy
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