1st getogether

  1. Kabouter
    The first venue selected for our group to explore would be silwer strome anybody would be welcome to join us at the venue. The entry at the venue
    R20 and we will ask for a R30 donation towards FOSAF wich will set you back only R50 that can not be compared to what the experience is going to give you. Why wait jump aboard........
    If any details need to be verified pls dont hesatate to pm me and ill keep you up to date.
    This is not to see who catches the biggest fish but to build good friendship and obtain experience from each other. The main porpose of our getogether is to enjoy and make a donation towards FOSAF.
  2. Kabouter
    Gud day to all
    The venue silwer strome was selected to go and explore for the day. The entrance at the venue is twenty rand and we will each donate R30 towards FOSAF. The river should settle and the plan is to have our first outing on SUNDAY 15 FEB

    Now for some good news..........

    YES URBAN FLYFISHERS have come aboard and will donate a set of flies as a price for the day. They have also agreed to stand behind us and back us up wich means that there will be better and bigger prizes towards the future....
    I cant be thankfull enough for this. Lets not loose sight we are gona have a awesome day and contrebute to a worthy cause.

  3. frikb
    Good idea, count me in. Even if I can't make the day I'll still make a contribution
  4. Kabouter
    We will have to call of this one due to weather not getting better cant expect u guys to spend the day in the rain an enjoy it. Sorry i will try an go scout the river this weekend and keep use up to date.

    Sorry its also not right to be 3 oaks when i wanna build up good sponser ship.

    Will keep you up to date
  5. AdrianPowrie

    When are we going to have our first outing?
  6. Kabouter
    The river is still coming down at 61 an 72 porch and parys so unless we go out with inflateables its not gona be easy wading the vaal very soon.
  7. chris williams
    chris williams
    Flows are still pretty high again after they were lowered earlier this week
  8. Kabouter
    Hi all
    Just to notifyi havent given you that i havent given up on our idea and getogether i see and got a feeling the slowly but surely the river is busy setling so just hold on we are still going that is i think only fishing is not gona be as easy as before but we will surely have to work for fish and the days are gona be interesting.
    dry flies coming up the ultimate in ffishing......
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