2cnd try

  1. Kabouter
    I apologise for not getting to your guys sooner who would still be interested in getting together looking at sat 12th afternoon or sun 13th any other segestions from anybody Strome still a good venue unless someone got sumthing else in mind if you interested we can somme camp over on sat night.
    Will be a bring an braai on sat evening so then you have to bring your own dop en chop .......
  2. schloshd1
    That weekend's good for me, I'll camp over
  3. Shamwari
    I would love to, but eish..."mina sabenza".....next time
  4. Kabouter
    Sounds good so yes i will then also sleep over the sat night will be good for late afternoon dyfly and a barbell or two !!!!!!
  5. schloshd1
    unfortunately there doesn't seem to be too many guys responding this time. how about starting a new thread on the forum for this to try get more people's attention and raise as much cash as possible?
  6. Kabouter
    OK silverstrome is the place you will find us from sat 12th untill sun 13th i myself will only be there on sat afternoon but i will be there.
    Again the entrance will cost you R20 an then we can give a donation of R30 to fosaf everybody welcome we will have a bring an braai on sat afternoon and between us all im sure there will be something to learn for everybody.
    Why not dont be shy come and join us even if its just one day.....
    Looking foward to meeting you.
  7. Michael
    I'm going to try my best to make it...not sure Sat or Sun...most probably Saturday just for the day, won't sleep over. Will know closer to the time if i can definitely make it.
  8. Kabouter
    can we please get a count of who will be atending the weekend ffff at strome for the weekend
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