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  1. rols
    I hav'nt really got all the gear but would like to join you guys just to learn some more. I am fishing on Sat though, but next time.
  2. Jasper
    Chris and I were are Melkbos at first light yesterday.

    A perfect morning in terms of weather, but the water was far too clear for Kob!! But still it was great to get out to the salt again, come home impregnated with the smell of pilchards, sand in every orifice!!

    I am really looking forward to this summer - getting a few of those nice big saltwater fish!
  3. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    Same here Jasper, nothing excites me more than the prospect of getting into some good fishing with my rock 'n surf tackle again. Every year the cycle is repeated about this time and I find myself thumbing through my Biden and Schoeman books and studying the predicted weekly weather forecasts and the tides with greater interest than any other cycle of the year in preparation for my next outing. The thing that I love the most about R&S is that unlike most other fishing that I do, it is never a given that I am actually going to catch a fish, ever.......but when I do, oh boy, it grabs me like no other fishing I know, and I cannot get enough of it.
  4. Booger Rose
    Booger Rose
    I went to Melkbaai early. Got to nice pick-up but as soon as the sun came up - nothing. I were there to late, arived about 05:00 and the first ou tannies were taking a swim at 06:00 no chance for fishing after that. I think Macassar will be a good call, otherwise you guys must make the call and we fish your side of the mountain at Melkbos.
  5. Jasper
    after this South Easter good colour could be coming in. We definitely need to organise a serious Kob sorty .... count me in
  6. Jasper
    I was down at Kalk Bay on Friday evening - lots of guys fishing off the breakwater - and quite a few Kob coming out. What DID however really p1ss me off was the number of really SMALL undersize fish being kept .. left flapping about on the cement!!!
  7. Booger Rose
    Booger Rose
    Anybody gonna do a bit of R&S this weekend?
  8. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    I'll be hitting the streams again on Sunday, but am focusing on doing a lot of R&S fishing in December
  9. Jasper
    Boogs (etc) ... I think we are missing out on PRIME Kob activity ... must get onto that beach SOON!! ... could well try get to Blokhuis or somewhere like that over the weekend
  10. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    This is an e-mail from 'Overberg Angling' Message:
    Hi Everyone

    It saddens me to send this e mail, but we have to warn all anglers to be very carefull.

    Just received a call from Wep who was fishing at Macassar today with his dad, Wynand and Brood. They went looking for bigger cob at 2e Baai as the small cobs were biting like crazy at the other spots in Macassar. They got to 2e Baai at 6am and went back to their car at 6.45 to see that it has been broken in to. 2 Windows were smashed and everything inside was stolen - loomis Rod with Saltis reel, wallets, sunglasses, tackle box, car radio - even the spare bait box!!

    According to the SAP there have been a few reported cases of armed robbery in the area lately as well. Seems a few people are doing early affirmative Xmas shopping and targeting soft targets. One of our favourite angling spots have just become unsfe again....

    Please guys - never go fish alone, and preferably try to fish within sight of your vehicles.


    Overberg Angling
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