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  1. Booger Rose
    For those who want to do a bit of R&S in False Bay. The Sealine forum has set up a group to fish in safety on Thursday evening. Security is organised as well and we are going to Wolfgat - next to Monwabisi on the Strandfontein side. Meet up at 20:00 and fish till 11 or 12. PM me for more details.

    If you canot make this we must maybe try to do an all-niter at Monwabisi over the week-end. Weather at the moment is super fantastic for fishing and the south Easter is good for cob to come out.
  2. Jasper
    ALL NIGHTER on MONDAY 15th (Tues 16th is a Holiday - Dingaan's Day!)
  3. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    I'm in. Looking seriously forward to feeling the pull of a kabeljou on my line again
  4. Jasper
    been having some great times at Bontkop - in perfect water conditions. Quite a few size kob have come out to memebrs of our party, as well as elf, Cow sharks, etc!
  5. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    The conditions at Bontkop have changed a bit since we started klapping the fish in that the water is a lot clearer. The temperature is still peaking on 18 deg C and the swell is minimal. I have found that the best time to fish under the current conditions is at first light. On two consecutive mornings now I have pulled out kob at smack on first light out of the same hole. No, not the bay on the right

    I'll be there at just past 4 am tomorrow.
  6. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    The cow shark seem to have disappeared for the time being
  7. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    Anyone keen on Macassor this coming Friday evening? I will be there.
  8. Jasper
    I'll be there Chris
  9. rory
    Howzit guys
    As per Chris's post on the main forum I've joined up on the social group. I fish mainly at Munster/Port Edward and of course primarily on the Wild Coast. Not as often as I wish I could though, living up in the big smoke! (4 months and 21 days to go!!!)Looking forward to being able to contribute to the group.
  10. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    Lekker to have you on board Rory.

    I'm super keen to get all the regular Henties visitors from the big smoke onboard aswell, especially since I will be missing my annual visit to those parts, and any feedback would be most welcome, if only to wet my appetite. Point I am trying to make is, one doesn't have to live at the coast to be able to contribute some useful tips and ideas, or exchange the odd bit of trip feedback which is always makes for good reading.

    Thanks for joining and welcome!
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