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  1. KevinC
    So who has been fishing where? I fished with Grant yesterday at Strandfontein for sharks and rays and we both blanked! Eish man- the big bronzies are avoiding me like the plague!

    Of interest is that 2 weekends ago I launched at Gordons Bay and we ended up on various reefs in False Bay from about 04:00 till 12:00. And shyte we had fun! Lots of kob on maasbankers and elf and I even landed snoek on spoon while casting for elf! I could not believe it but they were obviously feeding just below the surface about 1km off the strand reefs of all places! Wish I had my fly rod...
  2. Jasper
    on Sunday we went out to sea (sort of) in my little duck!! ... really fun - but maybe a tad hazardous!!!
  3. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    Especially when you have a one man propeller craft and the man having to do all the dog-work under the direction of two captains is me!!!
  4. rols
    I do believe you are the youngster in the crew?.....If on Jaspers boat. Paddle dear friend paddle
  5. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    actually not Rols...I just happened to be the middle man (sucker) that happened to be situated the closest to the paddles. lol
  6. Jasper
    you are LUCKY we didn't bring out the whips!! ... we ran short of horsepower at one stage there!!!
  7. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    ja, I didn't exactly have the bit between my teeth hey! Fark me, that was hard work!
  8. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    I'll be heading to Harmony Park in Gordons Bay at sparrows tomorrow morning to fish the incoming tide from the reefs. Apparently lots of Kob and Geelbek around at the moment. If any of you guys are keen to find a spot on the reefs with me, you are more than welcome. This is not one for the faint hearted, and I suggest you travel light. One misplaced foot could easily find you upto your neck in water.
  9. swsmith
    Hi Chris,i might be fishing the reefs on mate will definately be down tho......keep an eye out for him.....he is the crazy guy that swims from reef to reef..

    cox nice to see you remember how to type
  10. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    So how did the weekends fishing pan out for you guys?
    I lost my biggest fish ever today from the reefs. Time 9.15am, about half an hour after low, anchovy wrapped in chokka. Sudden pick-up followed by a short dash to the side, and then turning towards the horizon and turning on the taps, (about 4 revolutions per second against a stiff drag, one that I could just pull out with my bare hand) taking a good 100metres of line . The fish then went and sat behind a reef, so I gave slack, and then the head banging began, but the fish still didnt budge. After about 3 minutes i felt a bit of movement, so I put on the pressure and the fish then headed towards the horizon again and my hook trace knot decided that it had had enough and popped. Fish gone!

    I have no idea what it is that I hooked into there, but based on what I have just described,what do you guys think it was?
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