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  1. Chris Shelton
    Chris Shelton
    It is not the Strand reefs that you are more familiar with by the way...much more secret than that!

    You are welcome to join us though, we'll make a plan
  2. Jasper
    Just a negative ..... we were fishing off the mouth of the Eerste (Macassar) from about 5am on Saturday .... really good fun - the Elf were there in numbers ..... THEN a crowd of REAL @@sholes arrived .... about 8 of them .... proceeded to fish right on top of us .... one even threw a damn cast net over my line!!! ..... their obvious plan was to get us so p1ssed off that we would leave .... which we did!!! ..... it spoiled the whole experience for me!!!
  3. gkieser
    That's not lekker Jasper.

    Any of you guys planning any R&S this weekend?
  4. Booger Rose
    Booger Rose
    Anything heppening on R&S side. I've taken a few Galjoen already and after this weekends storm some new gate wil be open and ready to fish.
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