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    Default Tsunami Warning

    8.7 Mag Earthquake - Some serious waves comming Sumatra's way.
    Not as big as the devastating 9.1 that caused the death of over 230 000 people but still a biggie.
    Let's hope that this one is just a storm in a tea cup....

    weio21 pheb 110845

    tsunami bulletin number 001
    pacific tsunami warning center/noaa/nws
    issued at 0845z 11 apr 201

    this bulletin is for all areas of the indian ocean.

    ... An indian-ocean-wide tsunami watch is in effect ...

    A tsunami watch is in effect for

    indonesia / india / sri lanka / australia / myanmar / thailand /
    maldives / united kingdom / malaysia / mauritius / reunion /
    seychelles / pakistan / somalia / oman / madagascar / iran /
    uae / yemen / comores / bangladesh / tanzania / mozambique /
    kenya / crozet islands / kerguelen islands / south africa /

    this bulletin is issued as advice to government agencies. Only
    national and local government agencies have the authority to make
    decisions regarding the official state of alert in their area and
    any actions to be taken in response.

    An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters

    origin time - 0839z 11 apr 2012
    coordinates - 2.0 north 92.5 east
    location - off w coast of northern sumatra
    magnitude - 8.7


    earthquakes of this size have the potential to generate a
    widespread destructive tsunami that can affect coastlines across
    the entire indian ocean basin.

    However - it is not known that a tsunami was generated. This
    watch is based only on the earthquake evaluation. Authorities in
    the region should take appropriate action in response to the
    possibility of a widespread destructive tsunami.

    Estimated initial tsunami wave arrival times at forecast points
    within the warning and watch areas are given below. Actual
    arrival times may differ and the initial wave may not be the
    largest. A tsunami is a series of waves and the time between
    successive waves can be five minutes to one hour.

    Location forecast point coordinates arrival time
    -------------------------------- ------------ ------------
    indonesia simeulue 2.5n 96.0e 0921z 11 apr
    banda_aceh 5.5n 95.1e 0931z 11 apr
    siberut 1.5s 98.7e 0941z 11 apr
    padang 0.9s 100.1e 1017z 11 apr
    bengkulu 3.9s 102.0e 1038z 11 apr
    cilacap 7.8s 108.9e 1205z 11 apr
    bandar_lampung 5.7s 105.3e 1213z 11 apr
    bali 8.7s 115.3e 1253z 11 apr
    kupang 10.0s 123.4e 1338z 11 apr
    belawan 3.8n 98.8e 1348z 11 apr
    bali 8.7s 115.3e 1253z 11 apr
    india great_nicobar 7.1n 93.6e 0937z 11 apr
    little_andaman 10.7n 92.3e 1016z 11 apr
    port_blair 11.9n 92.7e 1032z 11 apr
    north_andaman 13.3n 92.6e 1052z 11 apr
    chennai 13.4n 80.4e 1127z 11 apr
    ***inada 17.2n 82.7e 1205z 11 apr
    trivandrum 8.3n 76.9e 1208z 11 apr
    mangalore 13.3n 74.4e 1336z 11 apr
    bombay 18.8n 72.6e 1608z 11 apr
    gulf_of_kutch 22.7n 68.9e 1634z 11 apr
    sri lanka dondra_head 5.9n 80.6e 1039z 11 apr
    trincomalee 8.7n 81.3e 1051z 11 apr
    colombo 6.9n 79.8e 1120z 11 apr
    jaffna 9.9n 80.0e 1231z 11 apr
    australia cocos_island 12.1s 96.7e 1045z 11 apr
    north_west_cape 21.5s 113.9e 1314z 11 apr
    cape_inspiratio 25.9s 113.0e 1413z 11 apr
    perth 32.0s 115.3e 1420z 11 apr
    augusta 34.3s 114.7e 1440z 11 apr
    geraldtown 28.6s 114.3e 1459z 11 apr
    cape_leveque 16.1s 122.6e 1506z 11 apr
    esperance 34.0s 121.8e 1615z 11 apr
    kingston_south_ 37.0s 139.4e 1748z 11 apr
    heard_island 54.0s 73.5e 1802z 11 apr
    eucla_motel 31.8s 128.9e 1836z 11 apr
    hobart 43.3s 147.6e 1901z 11 apr
    darwin 12.1s 130.7e 1935z 11 apr
    myanmar cheduba_island 18.9n 93.4e 1149z 11 apr
    cheduba_island 18.9n 93.4e 1149z 11 apr
    pyinkayaing 15.9n 94.3e 1150z 11 apr
    sittwe 20.0n 92.9e 1226z 11 apr
    mergui 12.8n 98.4e 1316z 11 apr
    yangon 16.5n 96.4e 1507z 11 apr
    thailand phuket 8.0n 98.2e 1118z 11 apr
    ko_phra_thong 9.1n 98.2e 1223z 11 apr
    ko_tarutao 6.6n 99.6e 1256z 11 apr
    maldives gan 0.6s 73.2e 1137z 11 apr
    minicov 8.3n 73.0e 1210z 11 apr
    male 4.2n 73.6e 1211z 11 apr
    united kingdom diego_garcia 7.3s 72.4e 1153z 11 apr
    malaysia georgetown 5.4n 100.1e 1311z 11 apr
    port_dickson 2.5n 101.7e 1810z 11 apr
    mauritius port_louis 20.0s 57.3e 1455z 11 apr
    reunion st_denis 20.8s 55.2e 1512z 11 apr
    seychelles victoria 4.5s 55.6e 1516z 11 apr
    pakistan gwadar 25.1n 62.4e 1536z 11 apr
    karachi 24.7n 66.9e 1644z 11 apr
    somalia cape_guaro 11.9n 51.4e 1539z 11 apr
    hilalaya 6.4n 49.1e 1540z 11 apr
    mogadishu 2.0n 45.5e 1558z 11 apr
    kaambooni 1.5s 41.9e 1623z 11 apr
    oman muscat 23.9n 58.6e 1540z 11 apr
    salalah 16.9n 54.1e 1547z 11 apr
    duqm 19.7n 57.8e 1556z 11 apr
    madagascar antsiranana 12.1s 49.5e 1544z 11 apr
    toamasina 17.8s 49.6e 1551z 11 apr
    manakara 22.2s 48.2e 1610z 11 apr
    mahajanga 15.4s 46.2e 1653z 11 apr
    cap_ste_marie 25.8s 45.2e 1713z 11 apr
    toliara 23.4s 43.6e 1733z 11 apr
    iran gavater 25.0n 61.3e 1546z 11 apr
    uae fujairah 25.1n 56.4e 1621z 11 apr
    yemen al_mukalla 14.5n 49.2e 1626z 11 apr
    aden 13.0n 45.2e 1726z 11 apr
    comores moroni 11.6s 43.3e 1644z 11 apr
    bangladesh chittagong 22.7n 91.2e 1651z 11 apr
    tanzania lindi 9.8s 39.9e 1659z 11 apr
    dar_es_salaam 6.7s 39.4e 1732z 11 apr
    mozambique cabo_delgado 10.7s 40.7e 1701z 11 apr
    angoche 15.5s 40.6e 1720z 11 apr
    quelimane 18.0s 37.1e 1841z 11 apr
    maputo 25.9s 32.8e 1959z 11 apr
    beira 19.9s 35.1e 2016z 11 apr
    kenya mombasa 4.0s 39.7e 1706z 11 apr
    crozet islands crozet_islands 46.4s 51.8e 1733z 11 apr
    kerguelen islan port_aux_franca 49.0s 69.1e 1815z 11 apr
    south africa prince_edward_i 46.6s 37.6e 1907z 11 apr
    durban 29.8s 31.2e 1910z 11 apr
    port_elizabeth 33.9s 25.8e 2006z 11 apr
    cape_town 34.1s 18.0e 2109z 11 apr
    singapore singapore 1.2n 103.8e 2351z 11 apr

    additional bulletins will be issued by the pacific tsunami
    warning center for this event as more information
    becomes available.

    The japan meteorological agency may issue additional information
    for this event. In the case of conflicting information...the
    more conservative information should be used for safety.

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    Eish!.....thanks Mario for the info
    ".....angling is a sport that requires as much enthusiasm as poetry, as much patience as mathematics and as much caution as housbreaking". - James Rennie 1883

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    Geez, and I was planning to break in my new 5wt at Sumatra this weekend...

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    Yep.....alarming, but be assured it was horizontal, rather than vertical, and that a tsunami is unlikely.

    I talk from very real experience in that my wife and I were caught in the earthquakes last year in Christchurch that killed more than a few.
    We lost everything and escaped with the clothes on our backs - I'm not kidding!! Michael knows this!

    We have experienced quakes in Philippines, Taiwan and Indo, and believe me, ChCh was the real thing!!

    Not being a wise arse, but horizontal is nothing compared to vertical.
    The bloke that helped us out in ChCh was a professor of geology - yep, go figure!

    Now run for your lives to higher ground and ignore all that I've said.....

    No disrespect intended for those that wish to raise alarms and get people to safety.

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    Banda Aceh: The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre on Wednesday cancelled the tsunami watch for the Indian Ocean areas, hours after two major earthquakes, measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on Richter Scale, hit Indonesia.
    The tsunami warning was at first issued following the 8.6-magnitude earthquake, which was later scaled down. However, the warning was issued again for two hours after the second earthquake hit the Aceh province of the country.
    The tsunami watch was earlier lifted for Thailand, Myanmar, Australia and Malaysia.
    Hours after the 8.6 earthquake, the Aceh province in Indonesia was hit by another quake of 8.2 magnitude.

    The first 8.6-magnitude quake off Aceh province, hours earlier, had spawned a wave around 30 inches (80 centimeters) high but caused no serious damage.
    The US Geological Survey had said the strong temblor that followed was centered 10 miles (16 kilometers) beneath the ocean around 380 miles (615 kilometers) from the provincial capital, Banda Aceh.
    Harjadi, a local official who goes by only one name, said the new tsunami warning was for residents living along the western coast of the country.
    It included Sumatra island and the Mentawai islands.
    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said a tsunami watch was in effect for Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives and other Indian Ocean islands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Singapore.
    But hours later, the threat appeared to have passed.
    Around the steel no tortur'd worm shall twine, No blood of living insect stain my line;
    Let me, less cruel, cast feather'd hook, With pliant rod athwart the pebbled brook,
    Silent along the mazy margin stray, And with fur-wrought fly delude the prey

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    I'll be donning my scuba gear tonight, just in case.
    " Not tonight baby! I gotta fly"

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    Damn, thank goodness the warnings have been called off. Mates of mine are flying to Maldives today for a 7 day fishing trip. that woud have been terrible. As far as i understand there is no longer a threat for a tsunami.

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    ".....angling is a sport that requires as much enthusiasm as poetry, as much patience as mathematics and as much caution as housbreaking". - James Rennie 1883


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