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Thread: GSM SBS (Garrick Smashing Minnow)

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    Default GSM SBS (Garrick Smashing Minnow)

    Here is my SBS for the GSM that has been nailing Garrick here in Knysna and surrounds.

    Step 1) Thread hook, 1/0 Sensation pro series salt water, with mono.
    Step 2)Attach light blue braid and wind forward onto the shank.
    Step 3) Tie in Steve Farar's blend (White) on top of the hook shank.
    Step 4) Tie in Steve Farar's Blend (Olive) on top of white.
    Step 5) Turn hook over and tie in red super hair or equivalent to imitate gills.
    Step 6) Build up the head and cover with UV resin before sticking on the eyes.
    Step 7) Using super glue/UV resin stick eyes in place.
    Step 8) Build a layer of UV resin around eyes to form a head.

    Braid sh.jpgThread sh.jpgSF white sh.jpgOlive sh.jpgGills sh.jpgEyes sh.jpgHead sh.jpg
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    Thanks for posting the SBS it is much appreciated.
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