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    Hi guys,

    I've purchased an expensive fly rod a while back and fished it a lot and I have noticed that the cork is not looking like it did when it was new "OK stop laughing", I know that the cork gets wear and tear as it is exposed to UV, fish slime, dirty hands and water as well as routinely cleaned.

    My question is, does the picture I attached look normal for a fly rods cork after a few months of heavy fishing.

    I recently purchased U-40 Cork Sealer for my fly rods and I spoke to the manufacturer of the fly rod which said that I shouldn't use it since it will feel heavier and loose that cork feel.


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    Hi Helios
    I have used U-40 Cork Seal on most of my old rods and use it on every new build. It is a water based polymer and easy to apply. On new cork apply straight off and on old cork first clean the grip thoroughly with a soft nail-brush and water allow to dry for a day or two and then apply.
    I quite like the feel of the grip after application and find it far easier to clean them than grips without Cork Seal.
    Obviously this is a personal choice and should you want to evaluate it for yourself why not give it a try on one of your other rods. I honestly can't see how it will make a rod feel heavier as one uses such a little of it on each grip ( less than 5 ml).
    As for Cork Seals claims of toughening the cork and preventing chipping of the cork they sound logical but only time will tell.
    This o
    Is only my opinion but you decide for yourself.

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    Good morning, where did you guy's buy the U-40 Cork Seal, I want to try some on my rods?
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