This is a bit late, but I just want to give a little “Thanks” to John and Mark at Upstream for their amazing service yet again.

Basically, about 3 years ago some of my stuff was nicked in Lady Grey from the house I was staying at.

I was fine with the odd shirt and pants on the line, but when I saw my boots where gone I through a sh1t-fit. I marched done to the Police station, where I was met with long blank stares as I told them of the importance of these R2500 boots that were specialised for fly fishing for trout. I gave up after they started to laugh. Anyway, I jumped onto the phone and asked a friend who was driving up from ct to pick me up a new pair from Upstream.

Only after my friend had already bought the pair did the gardener show me where he had hidden them from the dogs. Shew, so I was out a shirt, but I still had my boots.

I decided to keep the boots (I doubted they would make a better boot anytime soon, and the price was only going to go up), however they were way to big, and I kept them in the box so my buddy could return them to Upstream for a swop out.

Those boots waited for me in Upstream for 3 years until I picked them up last week.

Thanks so much John and Mark! You guys are awesome!