Like I said SAFFA has come a long way, is a good orginisation on all accounts, and that through people that has given some of their time to make it what it is today, and will only be able to maintain this if more people do the same. I believe that the structures will still change further as things mature. Best resolution that can come from this thread is support SAFFA and the Provinces whenever you can and keep the momentum going into the future.

This thread i think sounded negative in the start but has been positive in that it did inform lots of people, me included.

Just a mention Cheryl when I met her back in the day in my eyes was a great lady and when recently I ran into her in a shop have the same great qualities as a leader I came to know then, her election into SASACC is further proof of her commitment to the code of fishing not only Fly Fishing but as a whole. The statement that she will need support from all Fly Fishing fraternity is probably an under statement.