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Thread: Dragons peak resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax View Post
    I sincerely hope that flyingbass does not have Bilharzia. But his plight does bring to mind the time my buddy and I thought we were victims.

    On our early morning visit to the toilet one day we both peed Red. Well the alarm bells rang and we told his mother who had a look and we were sent off to see the doctor.

    The Doctor having examined a specimen of our urine asked us if we had been eating Beetroot. We admitted that we had cooked up some in an old jam tin Tramp Style the night before the drama.

    Everybody was relieved it was not Bilharzia and a nearby neighbour found out who his Clandestine Beetroot Raiders were. He thought we had been punished enough.

    Ones follies often have a strange way of laying one low.
    Very funny.

    I had bilharzia, not so much fun.
    At that stage, a single dose of a 4 tablets sorted it out.
    Mine was from a student trip to the lowveld, sitting the whole evening in dam/pond consuming vast quantities of alcohol.

    Bilharzia do not occur in the "colder areas" I think the berg would classify as "colder areas"
    Korrie Broos

    Don't go knocking on Death's door, ring the bell and run like hell. He hates it. (anon)
    Nymphing, adds depth to your fly fishing.
    Nymphing, is fly fishing in another dimension

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    Water was warm but the swimmers itch is starting to subside. I rather be safe than sorry.

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