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Thread: Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve Revival Project

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    Default Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve Revival Project

    Hi there fellow fly fisherman

    I have recently been appointed as manager of the WESSA Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve, starting in January 2017. Having been overseas for the past 12 years, I am very excited to be returning home to RSA, and to get back into some freshwater fishing!

    One of my major goals for the next few years is to try and revive the fishing opportunities for scalies on the section below Howick Falls. I am very well aware of a number of issues including water pollution, safety, access to this section, and it will no doubt be a major challenge. However, with the fact that there is supposedly a population of indigenous scalies in the section, and with the current focus on protecting these species, I am really hoping that we can make this into a success story moving forward.

    Ultimately, I want to make UVNR into an attractive location for fly fisherman to stay, fish and play an active role in managing the fishery.

    I would really like to engage with members of this Fly Talk community in the future about where to start, who to talk to in government and to get as much local advice as possible. I believe that will benefit many different members of the community!

    I envision employing local fishing guides, cutting fishing beats, arranging fishing competitions, and creating a sustainable fishery in one of the most beautiful valleys in the area.

    If you have experience in such work, or have fished that section, or have a passion for scalies in general, please do let me know through comment or PM, so we can start talking and brainstorming how to go about such an exciting project.

    Ultimately, I want to pick your brains about the successes and failures of similar projects that have taken place before.

    Thanks in advance!


    Matthew Cocks (aka BeefyBovril)

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    Good Luck, hope it is a success!!!

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    I used to go to school just downriver from there. We had great fun catching scalies albeit on bait (if we'd only known you could catch the buggers on fly!) That was in the early 90s.

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    Amber Valley which borders on the reserve has a fly fishing club and Tony Sharples should be able to assist you in some way. He is on FB if you cannot find a telephone number in the directory.

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    Have a look at how the CPS runs the Cape Streams.
    And the WTA in Rhodes, for a couple of ideas
    Korrie Broos

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