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Thread: new to Cape Town and bloody eager to wet a line

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    Default new to Cape Town and bloody eager to wet a line

    Hi Guys and Girls

    As the title reads im new to cape town, moved here almost a month ago. I have read up on fishing in CT but all the articles seem to be a bit old. And i know how quick spots can change and become unfishable. Having said that, can anyone give me info on some fishing spots in CT (anything from mullet to carp, trout to leerie) also mention how safe these spots are. I have my eye on Sandvlei, but have no Idea on whether it is fishable at the moment and if it requires a fisherman to carry a 9mm in his vest, if you know what i mean. any advise would be much appreciated.

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    There use to be a couple of good, safe spots.
    Think the same applies, open areas are good, near the mouth and between the houses also good
    Korrie Broos

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    Sandvlei is pretty safe if you on the Lakeside side of the may still get a fish before the rains start.
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    Stephen Smith


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