The 2017 Youth Nationals is scheduled in Douglas hosted by Northern Cape 4th to 8th October. Teams are expected from W.P, Boland, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Gauteng, KZN, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.
Some exciting news is a team from the Czech Republic will also be joining us this year. We implemented an exchange program between the two countries and we recently sent a Youth Team to Slataniny, Bohemia. Based on reciprocity we as South Africans have to look after the Czech Team upon their arrival. Our boys were treated like Kings when abroad so we have to maintain the same standards and show them true South African Hospitality. "Want kyk manne - Hier kan ons braai!"
The experience that an International Team brings to our Youth is obviously priceless and will definitely aid the standard of our Youth, lifting them to the next level. Who knows maybe we have youngsters that will be able to teach us "Toppies" a trick or two soon.
This is the first time we will be able to introduce an International Team to the adrenalin injected Yellowfish species we have all grown to love. Obviously this can have a huge impact on future visits from International Teams or visitors.
To show the Czech Team the hospitality of us all as South Africans during their stay needs a bit of money and the call is for donations "No matter how small" If you feel you can spare that R100 or R200 please contact me at
The Czech Team will be managed by non other than our old friend Jiri Pechar, consisting of 7 Youngsters and 2 Adults.
Kom Boys kom ons wys die Tjek Span wat in ons Suid Afrikaaners le.
Any dads wanting to get their youngsters involved in SA Youth Fly Fishing please contact me, and I will get you to the right contact in your province.
Here's hoping the warm heartedness of South Africans are felt