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Thread: Diy tigerfishing trips in Zambia/Botswana/Namibia

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    Default Diy tigerfishing trips in Zambia/Botswana/Namibia

    A friend and I are planning a trip in September/October. We intend to drive from Dar es Salaam to the okovango delta. We will be stopping for fishing/game viewing in South Luangwa National park, the Lower Zambezi (here we have everything sorted), Upper Zambezi, the Caprivi and the okovango delta. We are trying to keep prices as low as possible and will be camping and self catering almost everywhere. With the exception of the lower zambezi we are looking for suggestions of camps where we could possibly target tigers from the bank or just pitch up and rent a boat for the day. While staying at shackletons would be amazing, we unfortunately do not have the budget for it.
    With the exception of the lower zambezi i have not been to any of these places. I assume there are makoros all around the area? And if push comes to shove we can pay a local to take us out for the day? Has anyone fished from those makoros? I'm not sure how stable/safe they are for fishing/casting.

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    I had a friend who worked in the Copper Belt in Zambia.
    He said that you can camp next to the river in a very large area, fish from the bank and catch monster Tigers.
    PM me your details and I will send an email to him, introducing you and you can liaise direct with him
    Korrie Broos

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    I would be extremely wary to fish from the bank. But then I am a little ninny and scared shitless of crocodiles (wise, some would say). There are places where you can fish in relative safety from the bank, mostly in the rapids. But then, if you get into the drink you will end up in a deep pool downstream, where you will be a lovely breakfast for a hungry croc. Personally, I'll rather rent a boat and enjoy my fishing. You will also open up vast areas and increse your opportunities manyfold fishing from a boat. I've had great times at Mpalila Island (Zambezi, Chobe confluence,) Kalizo on the Zambezi (Caprivi), Ngepi on the Okavango (panhandle part in Caprivi), Drotsky Cabins on the Okavango (panhandle part in Botswana, ask for Otto, he's sharp guide) and Nxamaseri (further down but still on the upper delta).
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    Friend of mine was on the Zambezi last week. He was in the Shackleton's area.

    Day 1: Saw a herd of Hippo and next thing they saw a bubble line coming towards them and then a Hippo came out the water and grabbed the front of the boat. That scared the crap out of them.

    Day 2: My friend fell ill and stayed in. His mate and the guide went out. Went round an island and the next minute a hippo jumped out from between the reeds and flipped their boat. Both of them ended up in the water and the hippo grazed the one guy's leg and he had a massive deep cut to his leg. They managed to get back on the boat and the guide just started crying because he thought they were going to die.


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