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Thread: Largemouth yellows - mulberry patterns

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    Cool Largemouth yellows - mulberry patterns

    I have read your ideas on bait and patterns for catching yellows. Awesome articles thanks guys.

    I recently went down a strip of mulberry trees on the Vaal and saw the most amazing thing happen! As soon as the ripe mulberries fell into the water, both largemouths as well as barbel rose up and took them!!!!! What an awesome phenomenon.

    I then realised that if i bind a mulberry pattern to present under these trees, fishing might become exciting. Although the season has just started for the mulberries to start developing its colours and to become ripe until it falls off, I realised that it is not necessary "yellow season" but rather mulberry season from September/October. Try it out, I had, and things are really exciting.

    Wherever you travel alongside the banks, look for these trees and present your patterns there. It is almost a guarantee.

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    Yes Mulberries are a huge food source for a lot of species at this time of the year. We use a few different flies to represent the fruits and take carp, natal yellows, cats etc under the trees. Once the fish are feeding on mulberries they will take nearly anything that is dark, the right size, and makes a decent (but not too big) plop when it hits the water. Sunken and floating patterns work too. Great fun, Mulberry fishing!!

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    Hi guys

    I got a few largescale yellows earlier this week on the Jukskei using simple mulberry shaped/coloured flies simply using dark crimson haberdashery wool wound round size 8 hooks. The soggy wool makes just the right plop sound and sinking rate. The mulberries hatching in full force at present!! Also 6 to 6.30 pm last night flying ants hatched in full force. Size 12 hooks with black ant body and simple grey CDC messy wings nailed the fish. What the weavers, bulbuls and sparrows didn't chow, the LS's did every cast for half an hour then all went dead again. This all despite milky coffee coloured water

    Cheers Chris
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