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Thread: Winelands Fly Fishing Closed

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    Default Winelands Fly Fishing Closed

    Good Morning to All, for those not in the know, we have closed the shop at Eikendal. Just a very big thank you to everyone who supported Winelands Fly Fishing since we started at Eikendal in 2007. We have had many great times, braais etc. at Eikendal and due to various factors it was just not viable continuing anymore. Ryan has joined where he will be running the fly fishing section. I will be focusing mainly on custom fly tying, with online tutorials also in the mix, the new website should be up in the next month or so, so lookout for This Winelands Fly Fishing Facebook page name will also change.

    By the way, I have made my Millions

    Best Regards, Philip

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    That's sad Philip - loved the location! Great to do my own thing while my wife went off to have a few vinos!

    Looking forward to see the new website and custom ties.


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