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Thread: Best Fluorocarbon on the South African Market

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    Default Best Fluorocarbon on the South African Market

    Lets hear your opinions about your favorite tippet material. Trouthunter gets some good reviews but at R400.00 a spool!

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    I know trouthunter did really well in many tippet shootouts and personally I haven't used it. Airflo has some great Fluorocarbons, Vanish from Berkley is terrible in my opinion. As far as mono/copolymer tippets go I believe Stroft can not be beaten, haven't used their Fluoro's.

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    No fly manufacturer can ever come to most bass application fluorocarbons in terms of quality etc. Downside is bulkyness of spools and getting the kg/lbs low enough. Berkley vanish is shit. But its extremely cheap. Your Seaguar fluoros are top notch as well as the Gary Yamamato fluoro's. It seems expensive to some but fishing a 900zar spool that has about 300yds is still a hell of alot cheaper than 300zar for like 25-50m for the premium stuff.
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    Hi Emjay, I have read quite a bit about Seaguar's Fluoro, which seems to be great. Where do you get it in SA or do the guys bring it in themselves?


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