Salt Water Reel and Fly Lines, Fly Reel is world class for Overseas Fishing trips where mechanical breakdowns are costly and fish are large, heavy and fast:

  • Fully machined, 1 piece frame, 1 piece spool with a Delrin pressed hub
  • Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon - space-age polymer that is durable, heat resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance free
  • Delrin 500AF to anodized aluminum interface - push frame friction disc drag system with redundancy radial pawl engagement and seamless transition between line-in and drag engagement (no startup inertia)
  • Delrin hub rotating on a stainless steel spindle on sizes 1-3, oil impregnated bronze bushing rotating on a stainless steel spindle on sizes 4-7. Quick release locking spool, easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion

Registered with Ross USA and still covered by the lifetime Warranty Repair program.

Dimensions and Specifications CLA 7
Inches / Yards
Width (spool) 1.25
Diameter 4.50
Weight 9.7 oz
Line Weights 11 13 wt
Capacity WF 12 + 300
Spey Capacity 10/11/12 + 225

  • Ross Reel CLA7 (see above) R2,600
  • Ross Reel CLA7 Extra Spool R1,350
  • Line Airflo WF 12 DI 7, + 500m 30LB backing R600
  • Line Tarpon WF 12 Fast Sinking, 500m 30LB backing R600
  • With Neoprene reel covers for Reel and spool
  • Total Cost R 5,150
  • 12 wt Fly Rod is available to complete the set at an extra cost.