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Thread: Fishing around Bloem/Kimberley

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    Default Fishing around Bloem/Kimberley

    Hi guys,

    Me and a mate are looking to meet up halfway around Bloem and/or Kimberley for a weekends fishing. He will be coming up from Aliwal North and myself down from Kathu.
    Wondering if you have any recommendations of places to stay and fish for the weekend in and around the Bloem/Kimberley areas? Or perhaps Hopetown?
    We want to target LM and SM yellows.
    I have been looking at around the Riet river perhaps, however, the orange in those areas is also definitely on the cards.
    The reason the area is to meet each other around halfway.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try the Tierpoort dam south of Bloemfontein, Krugersdrift dam north, both dams have good sight fishing for yellows and carp. The Renoster spruit just south of Bloemfontein past the airport for some stream fishing
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