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Thread: Shilton CR3 ex with 7wt line

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    Default Shilton CR3 ex with 7wt line

    Greetings all,

    Has anyone used a shilton CR 3 with the 3ex spool? From what I understand this spool allows more backing and heavy line to be used to enable usage on anything up to a 7wt setup. Instead of having to buy new reels for my 7wt setup I am considering buying the 3ex spool for my cr3 which would allow me to use the same reels as I do on my 5wtís for the heavier setup. Trying to go for the most cost effective option, however, I donít want to buy the spools only to realize that they come a little short considering they are 60 percent the price of a new reel.

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    I have 2 ex spools for my CR3 reels, I use them for Lagemouth and the reel takes a 7 wt float line with 100 m 20 lbs micron.


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