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Thread: Cathederal Peak

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    I fished the streams near Castleburn (Umzimkulu) last week and had great fishing. Loads of small rainbows with the odd larger fish in the deeper pools. Water is crystal clear at the moment but dropping. Snapped off on a fish that I reckon was about 18 inches. The fish were looking up and small dries, long leaders did the trick. Very underrated water and I suspect the reason for this is that you dont often hear reports of big fish in the upper sections.

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    Hi, newish to the forum, but I fished that stretch early april this year on a whim.
    River was running quite fast, so did not expect much.
    Started fishing at the campsite and fished all the way up to the hotel and back.
    Started off with a few tiny dries immediately got some bumps from very small trout but no hookups.
    Switched to a 2 fly czech setup and spent the rest of the day pulling out small rainbows. Mainly took darker pheasant tail nymphs and later even a black north country spider, almost all fish taken on the point fly. None bigger than 1/2 a pound but great fun on a 3weight rod in fast water.
    Fish were taking the nymphs hard so I tried a bit a few streamers in the bigger pools and ended up with 2 fish just over a pound.
    Should have fished streamers from the start.. just make sure to get them down in the fast water.
    Think it is an awesome stretch for some small river fishing, nothing big but a lot of action and awesome scenery!
    Best spots is just up river from the campsite and the 400m below the hotel entrance, in between there is hardly any pools, but some decent glides.
    Permits at the parks board reception.
    Agree that the tribal area downstream would have some class fishing, saw some awesome pools from the road.


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