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Thread: Fish river yellows?

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    Default Fish river yellows?

    I have caught the odd yellow fish in the Orange river (just below the Van Der Kloof dam) and in Rhodes area (mostly in the Sterkspruit), but have not had huge amounts of practice targeting them.

    I regularly visit familie in the Cradock area and two of my cousins have farms right on the Fish river. I know that there is sm yellows in the river due to it being liked to the Orange river, but the Fish river is generally very, very murky and I have no clue how to target yellow fish with a fly rod if it is so murky. Is it possible to catch them in water like that and if so... how?

    During the winter months the canal that links the Orange river with the Fish river is normally closed to do maintenance for a few days (some times up to two weeks) and the Fish river then starts running as clear as a mountain stream, but will the yellow take in winter and if so is there any special tactics that I have to employ.

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    Howzit arnoc

    I've fished the fish river a lot in the grahamstown area. but unfortunately most of my success came on earthworm and hook methods, but the Yellows are catchable, forget about tiny flies and standard upstream nymph tactics. Try large dragon fly nymphs, buggers and czech nymphing... big, bulky and black are the main aspects you need to worry about over the flies. Throw a dragon or bugger downstream on a floater and slowing jerk it back. Try right along the banks, structure like stumps, and tails of riffles/rapids. Even throw a saltwater brown crazy charlie or crab pattern... you might be suprised what you will pick up!Don't ask me about czech nymphing!

    Don't forget about barbel... the Fish has some fine whiskered specimens!

    The water level is constantly changing and this always make is dirty... winter and early spring is the only time when the Fish increases vis, but an inch or 2, but don't worry Yellows still have to eat and they are used to feeding in off water!

    Best 'o luck! I'm off to catch yellows this weekend on my mates farm!

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