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    Hi there guys

    Bored at home again and Swambo went back home after the weekend and all that keeps me busy is the flyfishing.

    There was some talk about flippers awille a go. So I thought I would share mine with you guys.

    Flippers is one of the BEST topwater flies out there. It will catch you anything that loves fleeing baitfish and its easy peasy to tie. You can whip out flippers at the speed of light and you use very little materials for them. They are light and easy to cast and the best of all they catch fish!!

    I like to tie mine simple and in plain white. Garrick absolutly love them and so does shad. You can tie them realy small on let say a sise 6 hook and they will still eat it. Or tie it on a big 5/0 and catch some big boys.


    Hook: Longshank hook in sise 6 - 6/0 depends on your target fish.
    Tread: White Tread - for these flies I use needlework tread, cheap and it works.
    Tail: Bucktail - in the colour you prefer
    Flash: Pearl flash, chrystal flash, any thing you like that glitters.
    Body: Closed cell foam. Again use the colour you prefer.


    Lay a tread foundation on your hook along the shank.

    Step 2:

    Tie in you bucktail about 2/3 back on the hook.

    Step 3:

    Add the flash ontop of the bucktail. Add some more bucktail ontop of the flash. The flash will form a latteral line.

    Step 4:

    Cut you closed cell foam so that it will cover the front 2/3des of the hook.

    Cut a small "V" at the end, this will make the fly look like its got fins.

    Photography Rules!

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    Step 5:

    Put the foam ontop of the hook so that the part where you have tied in the bucktail is in the middle of the "V". Secure the tread over the foam about 2-5mm infront of the V, pul it tigh so that it compresses into tha foam and secures it to the hook shank.

    Step 6:

    Wind the tread forward under the foam to just infront of the hook eye, push the foam down and repeat as in step 5 to secure the foam to the shank. Whip finish and varnish. I like to varnish the whole underside and all the tread just for added security.

    This fly floats realy well and works on any retrieve. Twohanded gives it a good fleeing action while a single handed retrieve can make it to pop loadly and atract fish from further away.

    I would recomend using this fly on a fast hand retrieve when you are casting at a chase and a one handed retrieve when you are blind fishing.

    Your coments whould be appreciated.


    Photography Rules!

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    Hi Dewald
    Any chance of re-posting the photos?


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