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Thread: Disco Muddler S.B.S.

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    Default Disco Muddler S.B.S.

    HI GUYS,

    Googled this pattern some time back.

    Hook: 1/0 bandit s/shank.
    Thread: Olive 6/0
    Tail: Olive marabou.
    Body: Olive and copper u.v. chenille.
    Head: Klipspringer or deerhair.

    Tie in marabou for the tail.
    Tie in u.v.chenille also at the tail. Wind chenille around shank of hook towards the eye until in the middle of the shank. Comb chenille back towards the tail with every turn.
    Now start spinning klipspringer/deerhair up to the eye of the hook. Tie off.
    Remove fly from vice and cut to shape with blade.
    Add stick on eyes and cement head.
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    Very nice Dave. All you need to do now is "pump up the jam" and your flybox will start thumping in your pocket

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