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Thread: What to do

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    And if we was a convert to CAR how come still the old scummy pics?
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    I am afraid that you can't do much about the subsitance fishermen, sad fact tis that those fish they keep to eat may well be their only way of putting food on the table, then they wont discriminate against type or size of fish taken. I worked in Zim a while back, the local dam in a impoundment of the company was fished by the local subsistance fishermen, and they would even catch and keep two inch kurper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AB1 View Post
    Hi all,

    I have recently stumbled upon a website were a gentleman offers hunting and fishing trips in SA, one of his fishing promo picks contains two rather sizable and unfortunately very dead large mouth yellow’s. As a hunter I would have presumed he would be aware the yellow is a protected species.

    What can one do in such a case?

    I also have an issue with subsistence fisherman at one spot I fish occasionally, they to catch and kill yellows. I have pleaded and begged for them not to keep the yellows but to no avail. To whom do I report this and what action can I expect?
    Maybe this under conservation.
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