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Thread: 5/6 rod - what line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    Yes, they do weigh the same, but the DT has a longer belly section, so the physical weight of the entire line is more. I wouldn't get too hung up on it though. The general rule of thumb, is that if you are going to make longer casts that 10 meteres, go for a WF. When casting, the more line out the rod tip, the longer the cast, the slower the action of the rod will be.
    Sure, but dont most casting situations call for the line to be shot once 10m's of the line is out of the rod? I dont think I've ever seen someone aerialise more than say 15m of line when fishing a 5 or 6 weight? Moot point though really.

    I'm sure we've had this discussion about the dual ratings before so I'll do a search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian View Post

    That is what competitive guys do.......share information....for free.
    Sharing is all fine and well. Just make sure you don't put his line on backwards...
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