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    Date - 8 June 2012

    We are in the process of setting up advertising zones on the website and will contact you as soon as this is finalised. If you are interested to promote your business, please send a private message to "fish" via the forum or an e-mail to

    Best Regards,

    Philip Meyer
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    Hi All,

    We have set up some advertising zones after doing quite a bit of research on effective ways to advertise on the internet. Too many ads on a page is not just only annoying to many but also creates ad blindness. Also the most effective banner sizes is what we want to have on Fly Talk, giving the advertiser maximum exposure for products and services.

    Many don't have the time or "know how" when it comes to banner/ad design and we can assist here as well. From R 200 - R 400 per ad depending on what the client needs. This will be for the clients' approval.

    Currently there are four ad positions:

    1. Leaderboard on all article, blog and forum pages - 728 x 90
    2. Rectangle embedded in first thread post on forum pages - 300 x 250
    3. Rectangle embedded in last thread post on forum pages - 300 x 250
    4. Banner at footer of forum homepage - 728 x 90

    Maximum Banner size is 50 kb and can be in Gif, Jpeg, Flash or PNG format.

    Please open the attachment for more information. Take note that there is limited space available.

    Best Regards,

    Philip Meyer

    Or send me a PM.
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